Links section, where you will find the links to the sites that result interesting and/or necesary in order to use YaRP.

  C++ Compiler Free Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that comes with the mingw compiler (also free) and is the plataform with which we are developing the project.
  SDL Simple Display Library Graphics functions library. Handles the graphic initialization, allowing us to use the same sourcecode for different platforms.
SDL_image is an aditional library that takes care of loading a lot of graphic file formats (it makes things simple to us!)
  GLSetup OpenGL drivers set for the most popular graphic cards running Windows 95/98/ME. If your graphic card came with no OpenGL drivers, you can try looking them up here.
Note: Windows NT/2000/XP drivers must be provided by your card manufacturer.
  GLDirect If no OpenGL drivers came with your graphic card, GLSetup didn't work and your card supports Direct3D (and you are desperated) you can try this set of drivers that provide OpenGL over Direct3D.
Note: Use this only as a last resource!

  MilkShape 3D 3D shareware editor that we use to make the models (check up the images in the gallery). It allows you to create skeletal-based animations and may import models from several formats. It only costs U$D20.
  MilkShape 3D Tutorial Tutorial videos of Milkshape 3D.
  GMax Free version of 3D Studio Max designed to create 3D models for games.
  3D Studio Max Tutorial Take a guess!... yes! a tutorial for 3D Studio Max.
  Polycount Thousends of models for Quake, Unreal, Half-Life and much others.

Misc Robotech's official website!
  El Cuadrante Argentino Official homepage for one of the members of the development team. Very good trivias and one of the most complete links section. (in Spanish)! Site that hosts our project and lots of other open source projects.